hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


The best photo of me is the one where Clay and your sister are reflected in the glass to the left (my right).

Better yet, you are the brilliant light next to my cheek!

Did you notice that you managed to get everyone of us into that photo!

It's amazing.


Re: weather

Steve! It is raining big time! Do you want copies of the zombie photos of you and Clay? I don't want to kill your computer.


Monica! It looks like you are about to get clobbered!

Regarding the unusual sight of greenery going into November -
what happened to "leaf season"?

We're still waiting, though with the current cold snap, those leaves ought to quicken and drop.
insomnia - now "up" and been so for some time -
after having remained prone
to an active imagination


Whoever concretely enjoys artworks is a philistine; he is convicted by expressions like "a feast for the ears." Yet if the last traces of pleasure were extirpated, the question of what artworks are for would be an embarrassment. Actually, the more they are understood, the less they are enjoyed. Formerly, even the traditional attitude to the artwork, if it was to be absolutely relevant to the work, was that of admiration that the works exist as they do in themselves and not for the sake of the observer. What opened up to, and overpowered, the beholder was their truth, which as in works of Kafka's type outweighs every other element. They were not a higher order amusement. (13)

Theodor W. Adorno
Aesthetic Theory


"Here is a great piece for about [sic] the use of language"

- interesting -

I like the idea of "proper currency," but

the analogy that
"a practical, everyday example: When I order a cup of tea for $3.33 (plus $0.24 in tax) at a local teahouse and hand the cashier 40 yen , she will most likely question the exchange. I’m not using the proper currency for the exchange even though I might have the appropriate denomination.

So, as a writer exchanging ideas, I need to be mindful of using the proper currency."

is fundamentally false

you can't equate eating an apple to eating a dog just because they each have DNA

and in any case, that waitress probably won't give me that tea simply because I follow the "rules" of language

though language taps an electricity not usually anticipated

it misbehaves despite the rider's best imperfections

in any case, money doesn't take into account all the "meanings" of "currency"

that having to do with a flow

we might "use" words to "make" money

but would that make us deep fried i.e.



check out Ludwig Wittgenstein

(even at random)

"245. Wie kann ich denn mit der Sprach noch zwischen die Schmerzäußerung und den Schmerz treten wollen?"

"254. For how can I go so far as to try to use language to get between pain and its expression?"
- ooo - that's ideally pink!

quite beyond the usual cave pink!
a citation littered with pink!
Our new blog reminds me of this Mina Loy passage from her novel Insel:

The still life that intrigued him was a pattern of a "detail" to be strewn about the surface of the clear lamp shades. Through equidistant holes punched in a crystalline square, I had carefully urged in extension, a still, celluloid coil of the color that Schiaparelli had since called shocking pink. . . I had picked it up in the Bon Marche.

Out of this harmless even pretty object an ignorant bully had constructed for me, according to his own conceptions, a libido threatened with some viciousness impossible to construe.

I was astounded.
to follow a nose -


a man with machismo must
publicly flex his trapezius
in an attempt to flee that

inner pussy since even
as president he’s an
evident cocksucker and

so known to bluster and
puff preoccupied with seeking
a pecker to plant on his uvula

saluting treacherous sex he yodels
yes and leaps up on another
of his executive loco motives

he’s an engineer in a cute
stripéd cap thus pumping
a rail around under a set

of radiant horns a semen
swallowing replicant en masse
a just mister blow job for cock he’s

a sucker with lips and cheeks
of elastic each of which exhibits
a varying and nuanced ability

to toot rotund profiteers it's
his bottomless gullet it’s
something to do with a dick

he gives another peter a polish
and then he licks prick simply
to propitiate his craw

nor does he sate that
hunger for cock as merely
provaunt aye we’ve seen him eat

it even on prime time TV rooting
away at the crotch of many a
wealthy and corporate slut


very pleased to find an online image of Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung!


Monica - I thought I should write something


about our lunch with Clay. Most of my blob writing taking place lately at machina ratiocinatrix, though not forgetting that this place sometimes needs attention too.

We had some laughs at that lunch, and we all ate the same thing, Thai spicy noodles! (I think), but remember those guys on the sidewalk who held up and displayed that dog and talked loudly across our conversation to those guys at the other table - we being between? It was weird and rude behavior, and we tried to talk (as if those guys weren't bellowing right across our food) but finally had to wait until they went away. It didn't occur to me that something like that might happen just because we sat in front by the open door windows.

We might have known anyway that today would be cold, and that after only a week.


verbal tedium

wrong with a word



something wrong with a word

verbal te



Prevenient is a very useful word. I'll have to find a place for it.

The idea however of grace operating on one before one turns to god
seems however intrusive, when used in that sense and depending as
well on whatever one means when using the problematic term - god. I
try to avoid it.