hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


Stevo, Kevin is as delightful as his book. I'm glad that you're enjoying comp.

I also am so glad that you are using my bookshelves! All my books here are in boxes designed to look like bookshelves when piled atop crappy wooden TV tables from the side of the road.

Today I started moving to the third floor. It's way better up there. The light distribution is better. The walls are better. The toilet is the funniest part. The first floor bathroom is slanty, but the third floor is hillarious. When you're sitting on the pot, your knees are almost eye level with your forehead.

A bunch of grad students are officially helping me move Saturday. Until then I have a million and one (21) student conferences. Some asked what we were going to do for a whole 20 minutes and I said, talk. To which they were said that they were uncertain what they'd say, at which point I explained that if they had nothing to say they could show up, say hi to me, and go home. I'm not battling this one.

I also encouraged them to bring snacks (for me of course) to their conferences. A few days ago we went on a "field trip" to the writing center. They were so hyped about it, mainly because I told them in advance that it was a field trip, but I didn't name the destination. They were nearly hysterical with excitement by the end of class.

All I told them was that they should pack canteens of water, wear sensible shoes, and bring snacks for the class. (And for me in particular. "Teachers LOVE Snacks!" I said!) I was hoping for a little pyramid of brownies and pie on my "desk" when I walked in, but there was nothing, until someone sneered, "Greg brought you potato chips!" I wasn't sure at that point if they were serious, but I decided to go with it. "Pass those chips up!" I shouted, and then they were mine, even if Greg intended the chips to be a mere prop/joke. (Although I think he was semi serious about it, because he seems to really like me.)

I'm hoping for more snacks tomorrow. I told them that I would be hungry in my office all day.


which clinton water sock

thanks Moronica tell Kevin thanks much just got the book comp.

and am all in favor of Bulgarian umbrellas

we need anything we can get here the french broad's brimming

three tropical deluges in slither I started with
and might ass
might add I might add that I intended having

I forget the word anyway something to do with slither

I was reminded of Michaux he has this piece with Bulgarians on a train
they I have this book and actually found it now
that I have your shelves I just walked over and pulled it

Henri Michaux Selected Writings: The Space Within and
and it's translated by Richard Ellmann whoever

so I got to thinking about "La Nuit des Bulgares" "The Night of the Bulgarians"
(in English not that whoever he is

it wasn't slither at all I had another word entirely
the only point of convergence was the intial letter s

it had to do with the river today fat but contained barely

it's like up to the edge I needing to eat

I needy tweet
I was writing something here five years past and it vanished guessing within those Blakean vortices.

It must have been a Monday.


Steve-o, I spent my weekend contemplating who would win in a bar fight?

Paul de Man or Judith Butler.

My boyfriend Paul insisted on most of my time this weekend, but Butler will be back in business soon.
This blog is did. RIP it up Steve. We need new posts.