hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


Steve, this blog had better start getting better. I was grading papers yesterday and wrote the wrong their/there on one of my student paper comments. "They're" [the 18 tiny freshmen; I am down from my original 21] starting to get to me, and worse yet, someone else (my Brian) had to point this out for me to notice.

I had coffee this A.M. (in my grandmother's letters she always reports on her current day, the weather, etc., by saying "this A.M.) and am feeling blissful.

Bob Yeager always said that if you read trashy writing, you would start writing trashy sentences. Is this true [of student papers? See above.]
Going down to Portland (ME) for the turkey break. Portland is so high on the map; I can't believe I have to go "down" to get there. "Down" (in my previously life) signed Atlanta. Now "down" is most stuff in the major continental US.

I learned yesterday that Alaska is the largest state in the union. It would stretch from the bottom border of TX to Canada if you stuck it down on the actual country.

This blog is did. As in: got my hair did (Missy Eliot).


Steve, may I please read your Thomas Hardy essay? I will have a bit of Butler magic for you not too far in the future (by December 12th). I am also (planning to) start(ing) work on Larry Eigner and poetics and disability.
A new (funny?) title for my semi (non)shitty Judith Butler essay:

The Battle Over (My Boyfriend Judith) Butler: A Reading of the Way in Which Butler’s “What is Critique” Has Been Received and an Examination of What This Text Can Be Said to Accomplish