hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


Hammer in the bathtub, or so it sounds. Infill building as a new slogan seeming to conceal any reference to development, just stuffing the empty spaces with homes and businesses. Another steep slot for sale.


I wonder how long the Saudis will manage to cling to power. And to think that they have perhaps been manipulating oil prices to suit the Bush reelection campaign, will this adminstration then decide to bolster the Saudis with even more troops?

Mess gets messier.
Dogs like to watch us.
Dogs DO like to shake their heads.


Today I'm looking Philadelphia-fabulous in my new hot-pink white-race-striped shoes. I'm going to try to find a depiction of them to share with the world.


This following arrived as an email from my best friend Ms. Verba S. Deo, and I find it particularly cute, charming, clever, and true:

just a regular day in the life of Verba S. Failure, i have been awake for over 4 hours and am still naked, in front of the computer, and no, i am not writting or producing some fabu work i am just vegging emailing people back and forth like this and wishing my life was as amazing as i want it to be even though i know deep down that it is as fabulous as everyone eleses except they just play their's up more and i don't make as much money as them or have a fierce website. right.

get your "stupid shit" done quick
Steve, if you hate the new links, just promise you'll at least keep other, Amanda Stern and Suspect Thoughts. (I really love those teen girls too.)

Steve, a little creepy: since I am now an "administrator" of this site, I can go into your posts and fuck with them, thus literally putting words into your mouth, as opposed to just projecting on what you have said/might say/etc.
My favorite office passage of the day:

"FYI: We've had a Kai drive-by."

One of my coworkers is breaking it off (maybe) with her husband (Kai) and she left upset and Kai then dramatically drove here a few minutes later, wheeled around in the driveway, and left. My supervisor then called my coworker to inform her of the situation.


mishap, uh-oh. i showed my mom this glock on saturday and she liked it OK. it seemed to not be melted(ing) then.


this glob's having mishap
mr mound tens he
mr mound tens he


glob dysfunctions proliferate


so very nearly malibu barbied - I'm thinking the colors a near match not quite right but close - and hey where did that sunshine come from anyway I opened two windows minimized them and set them side by side - not bad -
PS - I have not, nor do I think I'm able to, purchase(d) that pineapple soda.
Steve, In response to your email concerning Malibu Barbie. Here she is, our girl, our spokesperson even. You've offered me knowledge about poetics. I bring you

Malibu Barbie
Steve, I'm feeling some despair. I've been browsing the net, and I feel that much contemporary poetry is crap. Words are hacked apart and language means nothing and it makes me sad. I'll feel better later. And later I'll revisit these thoughts.

PS - I hate distracting pretentious layout.
day noodle downtown shoppers for whatever table squat proper they perch under hustle
as if "gay people and conservative Christians alike" in one town were something unusual or not even sometimes one and the same...

Hey Monica,

someone's talking about our town.
ok within
... launching z dog ...
ponder building my own splace ship
Stekeia, I like the green OK. It's a little less Malibu Barbie and a little more Easter Egg (capital on those E's for sure). Let's like it and leave it. (Although I'm open to you playing more, since it just keeps getting better. You cleaned it up some.)

We have to have lunch before 3 weeks, not in 3 weeks, but within.

Sated, Madonnica
If this isn't a nightmare - Dick and Don out of the box!?!?!
a bad idea
hmmm, it's nearly flag-like
okay, lunch in like 3 wks?
This blog looks like Malibu Barbie on her best hair day!
My dad would never teach me how to use cruise control, so I can't even cruise along.


To say I (will) work above a shoe store doesn't really capture the full effect of the glamour. I will work above a place selling BCBG pumps effective May 5th.


Steve! We MUST do lunch in the graveyard before May 5th so that I can sneak a longer lunch than usual. I won't be as flexible when I'm a downtown employee (staffing the office solo) but I will be even cuter, and I can walk to work in my little sneakers then change into little heels to walk around town (looking cute) on my lunch break.


Stevia, I just informed my boss (who claims he likes gender balance, maybe to balance out his hatred of pink) that it will take 1.5 girls to replace me! PINK PINK PINK
stuff heard on the radio- Common Ground -

"It looks like he is sleeping"

"the main task was to make Lenin look like he did when he was alive"

"keeping the body life-like"

"they also change his clothes and use bleach to get rid of mold which develops"

"Lenin should stay where he is"

as reported by ANYA ARDAYEVA

When do you move your office to over the shoe store?
Where are you Monica, what are you doing, and where's the boss who hates pink?

I'm my own boss today and doing it badly.
so nice to have a co-adminstrator - I decided to go ahead and brew some coffee - considering going to see Fog of War this afternoon - but am bugged by this batch of coffee - it is not dark enough - that's the way I like it - dark and strong - who's in charge of roasting
Moronica, this glob looks much better!
I wonder how many car wrecks occur due to people riding along with the cruise control on while it's raining?


off to eat cucumbers. tomorrow i will report back about the continential breakfast at the city jail in philadelphia. my friend patti is there today doing a "health fair" for the (female) inmates, explaining about safe sex and stds and hiv: none of which they (the prisoners) are supposed to have (or contract). the jail will not let the health center distribute condoms, so, basically, her public health center goes in, stirs up worries about infection, and then leaves, letting the prisoners know they might have something nasty when they get out (or when they came in).
Stevia, I sing for the sight of this blog!!

It's like Florida! It's like summer! It took me hours to make the top PINK!

I accidentally deleted a # at some point and I put one back in randomly and everything began to function as (I) planned.

Do you think it's (too) super-ugly?

Please Advise.