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theoretically, a hairstyling salon



wire sandwich currently seeks poetry


Re: poems

This MA trip sounds fun and exhausting. Who was the guy you interviewed? I am excited
about wire sandwich and think not only it's starting out wonderfully, but will continue to
improve. I've even been posting some on the blob (lately anemic) and received a comment
from Jean! on eel pie.

But the wire sandwich wants more company so will
have to send out pleas(e) for donations of poems and other wacky word combos. It is a
poverty struck org with good intent. I've yet to recieve
my edition of pom2 but continue to
seek into my mailbox.

I REALLY want to read your Eigner research
interview and am so glad you are into such cool stuff and people up there. What a great
program okay-

I need to do something thesis-related and a stack of dishes too plus piles and piles of laundry
now that the sun shines liking so much as we do here to dry clothing outdoors (disdain for the
dryer). Here comes a load now, bam! on the floor next to me who happens to be the official
hanger of clothing outdoors. Birds now sounding springy this cloudless and frosty febru AM
soon to be toasty like yesterday I might suspect.

And I am saving your communiques as notes for poems as you suggested. One day again the
time constraints shall transmogrify (or something.

Here's a word for you >>> trioecious (easily
a floral single threesome
Aren't those plants something! They
simply defy all those squeamish marriage tradi
tionalists and selective biblical literalists.

What a world eh?


Steve, I just spent 34 hours seeing Brookline Watertown Boston and
Glouster (OLSON) I am glad to be home. I interviewed the guy abotu
EIgner. Will send you a transcript. It went well! I left a heavy
stupid mic stand somewhere in MA. I am glad that you are sending me
work, and doing laundry. POMPOM just came in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




T-Imprecise Fabrication

on the other hand - and me left to mull over the T
which multiply unrestrained - a sandwich of Ts
torn, tumble, tumeric, and tape - all these and
more - I drag from the fridge toss
between slices of bread and feed to my computer
it can't get enough so I pull out some Js
jink, jute, jipijapa, jitney, jitter, jocular, jodhpurs,
juniper, jurat, jurel, jurjustle, and junk


wire sandwich is open for business -