hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


a man with machismo must
publicly flex his trapezius
in an attempt to flee that

inner pussy since even
as president he’s an
evident cocksucker and

so known to bluster and
puff preoccupied with seeking
a pecker to plant on his uvula

saluting treacherous sex he yodels
yes and leaps up on another
of his executive loco motives

he’s an engineer in a cute
stripéd cap thus pumping
a rail around under a set

of radiant horns a semen
swallowing replicant en masse
a just mister blow job for cock he’s

a sucker with lips and cheeks
of elastic each of which exhibits
a varying and nuanced ability

to toot rotund profiteers it's
his bottomless gullet it’s
something to do with a dick

he gives another peter a polish
and then he licks prick simply
to propitiate his craw

nor does he sate that
hunger for cock as merely
provaunt aye we’ve seen him eat

it even on prime time TV rooting
away at the crotch of many a
wealthy and corporate slut


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