hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


beard frame badger
ground hog and hamper

on just such conditions
I might praise a hoopla


lion worm*


-at least that's what it says up there
turbinado sugar chopping
block battle

one dollar thirty nine sent
wooden you no

pocket change shoe
horn hamstring


ax the answer man
powder baking soda black
strap bottle

shirt tip burly boot skeet
crotch n crutch dot cruet n
building n block o flat

ant hat patter
ant hammer

paddle foot



[87] American debility

To transmute crime to wisdom, & to stem
The vice of Japhet by the thought of Shem.

[88] Eloquence
Intellect 1 Method
2 Imagination
power of symbols
"rugged & awful crisis"

Irish Eloquence of common people
example of the animal heat division
There must be spirit too

Language. Words borrowed from animals
to dog
to raven
to cow
to ram
to ape
to horse
to rabbit
to snake
to badger
to worm
to rat

from Ralph Waldo Emerson's blog, er,

Vol IX, page 384, 1843-7


to ant, I might add



wind frogs
in full throat
my house seems to be breathing a little heavier than usual
suddenly somebody pulled the shade
it's quite drak outside

It's that thin layer of cirrus clouds, low rather than as usual high, so that the sunset is reflecting as if just overhead, ORANGE. Very peculiar.
The air this afternoon grew steadily more agitated until dusk, and now it is incredibly ORANGE. The entire sky is an ORNAGE DOME as if we are inside a live smoldering coal. When I go outside my skin turns ORANGE - the atmosphere remains cool and gusty.

Most of the laundry hanging outside dried, which hasn't been the case this wet summer.
my equally untidy mistakes
with which I always seem to tinker
the massive hurricanado
about the size of Colorado
God is indeed a jealous God -
He cannot bear to see
That we had rather not with Him
But with each other play.

Emily Dickinson #1752

sun's fade
clouds coming out of the east
Still no noticable effects around here from the hurricane, though today has been a bit different than others, so I guess I am going to contradict myself.

It's been clear and dry all day, cool and even brisk this morning, and when I took the dog over to the graveyard at about 7 this morning, there was no dew. Usually my feet get wet, and I have to take off my shoes when I get back home, but not today.

So I did some laundry and hung it outside, and it's drying quickly.

The breeze is picking up, but doesn't yet smell of the coast, which it does sometimes when a hurricane pushes weather this far. Asheville remains anyway a good distance from the coast, at some points about 350 miles, I think, maybe more.

But anyway, I just took the dog over to the graveyard again, and it is getting breezy, and it appears hazy to the east. Cirrus clouds seem to be moving in overhead, and although they appear almost everywhere, the sun beams down without interruption.

It's likely that this is the extent of any hurricane around here.

Just had a nice gust whipping the windchimes and coming in the window.

Really, I couldn't ask for a better afternoon.
don't worry, please, I won't stick Thoreau's passage about the ant war up here, though I do recommend it for those who haven't had the pleasure of reading it
- from Emerson (again), and found within his essay "Persian Poetry"-

On the occasion of Solomon's marriage, all the beasts, laden with presents, appeared before his throne. Behind them all came the ant, with a blade of grass: Solomon did not despise the gift of the ant.


Please scroll down to have a gander at the pic-

It might come as a pleasant surprise...
(I am going to miss Johanna, though I understand the predicament)

My time is all jammed up as well.
Whoa! where's my umbrella?
Is she who she appears to be?

for more info


Thanks Jean, are you up early today too?

I like it here in blogville, but I've been so busy it's felt like a conflict lately.

I guess it'll just have to be that way for awhile.

I'll be in and out.

The time gaps between blogging locales is always interesting. Sometimes the post-it times seem significant, and at others they are merely random.

Soon I'll have all my vowels confiscated, left here to hiss and expectorate.

"Those who are esteemed umpires of taste...you learn that they are selfish"

thus Emerson begins his essay "The Poet"

"Their knowledge of the fine arts is some study of rules and particulars"

and then there are those self-appointed umpires

we might pause then and consider motives behind
the words rather than what might be found on the surface

which is what people have been doing over at
and it's no wonder that
setting up an umpire

maker rule makers

own motive seeming self
to whomever can bear reading screed
(though some disgreement arises)

as if poetry necessarily fits into specifically
designated and predesigned

for some reason I thought we've moved beyond all this

to a poetic momentary responsive and sleek
a quick thing adaptable to a various and unlimited demos

the maker of poems an ambassador of the irrational
in a time when such ambassadors assume responsibility

for all that is under assault
the cat came in knocked some stuff over in the kitchen and now wants out
me and the dog and the frogs
in the daylight and under the moon

cool and misty the sky clear
moon waning bit by bit
I could hold up my left hand and cup it
while the other side melts

we went over to the graveyard
where the dog walked on two legs

she was in feed mode and the
fruit she wanted is not so abundant
as it was a couple of weeks ago

on the korna cousa so she actually stood
on two legs and wobbled around
she actually walked around this korna cousa bush

on two legs
eating fruit

the frogs are fading some though
some persist

I heard the church bells chime seven following
that little standard arpeggio 8 note melody

church bells digitalized
the human element removed

though I can still hear some frogs
more faintly

under the indoor electrical hum
more than moonlight
the dog is now following me around
staking me out staring
at me she wants to go out

and the darkness is giving way

just heard my first bird of the day

sat here earlier and had a cup of green tea
looking through computerland

now I popped open a thermos of twig tea I made Friday morning and now here it is
Sunday and the twig tea is still warm

all it takes is one bird
now they are all talking
been reading some Alice Notley
sneaking around with two of her books

checked them out from the library
librarian failed to deactivate the steal strip

I went charging out the door and all the alarms went off

this little gate tried to stop me but I was tearing along

the librarian told me to slow down for a second try

I walked slowly through and the alarm didn't go off

later it all happened again

charging in and out of the library with Alice Notley

it was all her fault
but we got it straightened out
looking around in computerland

when I heard John Ritter died I didn't know, well, who he was

I still don't

for the most part I just do not watch TV

that might be be

cause I don't have one

that cat wants in again

tree frogs still wailing

that's not it

more like song

frog song

it's funny to go outside and hear them from above

still dark and turning autumnal


rode the bicycle to the tailgate market yesterday morn and wore a flannel shirt with long sleeves

this morning is not as cool as yesterday at the same time


it doesn't feel to be as cool
still dark outside - got up at four and dog started barking - looked outside - moonlight - everything glowed - but I didn't see anything worth barking at - the cat came in and wanted food - the dog went back into the closet

tree frogs still going strong


another book to take to my (lush) island

9) The Complete Plays of Michael McClure

So what if it's not real?

I want it.

McClure's plays extend theater from the absurd to the ridiculous, and they do it with humor and intelligence. These plays Flarfed 40-45 years prior to the term. They offer an alternative to and critique the sentimental crap Disney (and all the rest).

Besides, I want to have fun on my island, not just wrinkle my foehead.

that's fourhead-

you know what I mean
I guess this place is back in business.
I want some results
that didn't last long
This blog is temporarily on hold.

Thanks to those who have been checking in, and thanks especially to Jean and Johanna for occasionally writing kindly about some things which happened here, for the links, for the laughs, and for tending blogs which are a pleasure to visit (there are many of these), but I've gotten too busy for blogging lately. It's fun but distracting.

So I am taking a break,


I'd like those options over to the right a lot better if I didn't have to constantly eliminate them-

(if you're using blogger, you probably know what I'm talking about)
2.43 hours of non-access to online networks

I guess I can call this


cut off from an almost habitual communication system
I seem to get caught up in

but back up again

10. WC William's Imaginations: Silliman doesn't like it (this New Directions compilation of several books), but I ALWAYS return to it. I mean, it's what I have had for a long time now, hauled and shipped all over the country (like I bought it new for about $4.95?), and for my purposes it is (simply put and obviously no secret here) loaded with WCW's powerful early work and, as such, it's a fecund cornucopia (or something dammit (strange concept, fecund, okay, cornucopia, hmm, maybe)) (small on the outside, explosive on cracking it open) constantly offering up, whew! an unlimited source worthy of top ten inclusion for any period of enforced solitude on an island otherwise lush. Oh well, I have to have it, always and wherever.
time to shut it down and fire it back


I wouldn't call it up

the computer acting


I wouldn't call it

Oh! suddenly blogger has a new feature over to the right. Just place a check mark in the proper clot.

I meant to write slot.

Oh! I can hide it.

Oh! Oh! Oh!
ok ok packing
packing for the island

(anything but a desert)


under further consideration
utile tic

because when Fred asks them, well, what do you suppose is
causing your elbow problem? they don't have


this jerking procedure— (akin to yerk and
per hum rebuff— a quick
and sudden thrust arrested—
push, pull, or
twist to to yerk as
as as to jerk one with

with the elbow to

to yerk an
and to yerk

yerk an elbow anyway

where it would help to keep your elbow tucked
in yerking the tip up it doesn't
it doesn’t equate to line speed and don't

it don’t stop

stop yerking that
that that’s

my eyelid

this here tennis elbow will never ask the wife with
with the idea that wife
that the wife
is yerking
a utilities and entertainment program

if you don't stop jerking your
jerking your elbow will never get

has Japan finally realized that
that the Americans are jerking

from girlfriend to wife in ten easy steps
with the idea that wife

that the wife
is merely a utilities
and entertainment

but now that the utilities
have been deregulated and the

of all I couldn't stick my elbow out the
critical utility such as

the image on the screen randomly
yerking and


this simple experiment— whack

whack your elbow sharply and
I'd barely managed to stop yerking

small caliber rounds kicked dirt
near Lorca's elbow
and that limp yerking comrade

hooks and lines, a small net all
has Japan finally grasped

all those utilities for the
that those American yerks
and he rolled over onto his elbow and startled

he went another
another he
he went over in his mind the utilities he had to
he leaned on his elbow and yerked
at her and recalled

immediately and without a
without a doubt

a succulent fleet
notion of her
her yerking him

her yerking

knack knocker whack

whacking whack

yerking that

tic thwacker


Why are islands where people always assume they might get stuck with ten books deserts?

This doesn't appeal to me at all.

If I remember correctly, although Gilligan's Island was referred to as a desert in the ditty, it did appear quite lush.

I might go live on Gilligan's Island, and then again, I might not.

I might bring some books given fair warning,

though I am not yet prepared to divulge the contents of my valise.


Head lecturer breaks this paradigm down thus into seven scraps which involve bluster accordion voice overt but abandoned - comparing eggplants to glass wheels - reviewing these lusts prior to patience and - finally - encouraging sycophant utilility elbow for jerking examinate promptly from weasand unwholesome.
exercise #1: find an ant which is identifiably a loner
got me a brand new
name brand


the distribution of which

in dream sinking

deep water

I always floated before
this is what I call "flogging the urgencies"
look here and yelp

made thus the world an arrangement
of words

with these then drawn
the lines

which divide us
here we are already
deep in the future

I live in a house here              it's called

I call it the renta the renta wreck
they have cars cars er called that
I mean it's falling a
part all around me but but it doesn
't cost much and I let
the weeds I let the weeds
grow I'm I am a gardener a
gardener of weeds and they grow
just fine I don't have don't have to
I don't have to lift
a thumb these these er some fine weeds
weeds a fine colony of goldenrod
I can see see it here I see see right out
side this this here broken this broken

feeling bulldozed - buried in sand - considering the limitations of time - why there seems not to be enough of it - had to forgo looking at blogs the last couple of days - I actually had to stop myself - a real internal struggle - from doing what I wanted to do - which was to read blogs and post something on mine - but couldn't spare a moment - this will probably be the pattern for awhile as I take classes





(it's that

blue nose booby
ants on the prowl

make that post-truculent

boing can


deception imposed and tattoo agnostic
complex clinandrium blatant and split soon apparent wrist may
drift question
cancel in fact
whole distinctions are foreign to human


apparently since some are


nothing here but us
ants in the


pantry ant migr


ant psychotherapy find solutions to ant any problems!

true ants


bone head repooblic

flame boy ants
ants butcher baker
ant candles


maker ants ants



ant edith

ant emily

ant nell

ant betty

ant emily

ants all

ants abide my former shun squander and snooze
x pert conclusions
to your ant

skin jacket
white footed flying


obsolete 34

soft yeller


ants on ice
body blunt speedway bang haggle bang broker
shadow repudiate arrow aghast coterie circuit
threw money mine tardy oh tardy oh posit squat

I prefer to unreason unable my garden stalk ants
invidious rapture inmost an anguish dread restless
conjunction lung stagger ant choo ant autocrat fowl


somethings are
just too funny
When I look at my links, I feel like a dunce in consideration of those that are missing, especially when I am reading about parthenogenesis and weaver ants and all those other little self-motivated reproductive wonders, glance to the right and go YIKES! Li's linked to my blog, and here I have been too lazy to increase my own links in who knows how long?

and for three days just pondering


I wonder how they do that immaculate conception stuff anyway?

there sure are some sundry gallimaufry critters shaking the leg all hither and yon


ant according to Waldo Emerson -

"The instincts of the ant are very unimportant, considered as the ant's; but the moment a ray of relation is seen to extend from it to man, and the little drudge is seen to be a monitor, a little body with a mighty heart, then all its habits, even that said to be recently observed, that it never sleeps, become sublime."

or even John Ruskin -

"And the scientific men are busy as ants, examining the sun and the moon, and the seven stars, and can tell me all about them, I believe, by this time; and how they move, and what they are made of.

And I do not care, for my part, two copper spangles how they move, nor what they are made of. I can't move them any other way than they go, nor make them of anything else, better than they are made. But I would care much and give much, if I could be told where this bitter wind comes from, and what it is made of."

ant it something?
antsy pantsy
fancy christ

(thus I might imagine)