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One way of kicking off another year-


4 can beans (or equivalent fresh or frozen)
1.5 8 oz. pks. Philadelphia cream cheese
10 eggs
2 full cups Gouda Cheese, grated
salt, pepper, nutmeg to taste
dry breadcrumbs

Mix the cheese with eggs and seasoning. Add well drained beans and mix. Grease mould with butter or margarine and spread mould with dry breadcrumbs. Pour in cheese and bean mixture. Place mould in a dish of water and bake in oven at 350F until mixture is set. Serves either 12 guests or 2 hungry oilmen under fedoras.

--from The International Women's Group of Aljaz-Iran Cook Book

Chiche Casarsa, Dresser Atlas


Monica here yesterday in brief sojourn from Orono - er - Bangor - we went to lunch and then our bellies full needed to walk the streets of Asheville - we toured our own town - Monica took pictures of buildings and businesses - S&W Cafeteria (across from Pritchard Park, Malaprops, the giant iron and the guy with guitar sort of singing something by Bub Dilland - what was that ? something abut a watch tower perhaps / then she needed batteries for the camera and went to Black Mountain College Mausoleum - "it was like being in somebody's house" - saw an exhibit - Leo Krikorian / Implied Space - sharp edged geometrical stuff and contrasting colors - he was a student once of that place BMC and Monica got directions to Lake Eden - where some local (according to Tom Clark's bio) punched Charles Olson on the dam - that was in the chin maybe? - Olson claiming he wasn't allowed to fish while selling all the timber so that he could afford to keep writing - and then what'd we do? - oh -had a beer at Barley's - where we opened the shades to look out on the sidewalk and a fine afternoon - but the sun angled in and blinded the waitresses - one of whom closed them again after which another employeee came over and opened them - it was a blind struggle and Monica and I were the witnesses - we also saw a car get towed - but that was first - some tourist in for a rude shock - Welcome to Asheville! - watch where you park - and it was an out-of-state car - and some people drove by in a Humvee so we talked about them in terms of embarassment - as if that were us - we needing to hide - duck and drive - black window tint - sunglasses - the works - no it's not true Monica - but in this fantasy we're wealthy - our Humvee fully armored -shiny and quick - deflecting all DU warheads, RPGs, IEDs, ETCs as well as our critics - NOT wanting something so giAnt - and to be seen in it - 100 percent bulletproof glass - and we weren't - walking - Asheville having fake brick crosswalks now worn - these crosswalks reverting to asphalt - which is all they are - embossed and painted to appear as if brick - the paint constantly walked on and run over by Humvee sight seer suckers - who come with money - spreading cynical terror like true amoral mirror aery cans and - now thoroughly worn - did I forget anything - surely the handwashing instructions - lather rub and rinse w/ hot water - just a reminder to take all precautions after fingering ones own genitalia as implied
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I've been messing with plants

potting and repotting
watering and melting ice
just got an anonymous email

w/ the subject line
"you are a bad writer"

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"your writing is silly" this

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she might be right


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This just in (from my little sister Nicole, a college freshmen in Greensboro, NC):

Yeah I don't like budlight. I just saw the movie "closer" and it was good....made you think!!! Then Meka and I went to Ruby Tuesday's and our waitor was HOTT. I mean, HOTT HOTT HOTT HOTT HOTT! I gave him my e-mail address. He was A FLIRT. I didn't give him my # because I mean, I don't want to give some creep my number. With an e-maila ddresss I can control how we talk. I need control y'know? Gah! His name was KEVIN! HE WAS SO HOTT! AND HE FLIRTED LIKE MAD! I would take a sip, and then it was an instant, "do you kneed that refilled???" lol

can't wait to see you either

Did you end up going to your Fondoe thing? Mom just called and told me you were iced in...????



Low last night: 7 degrees

Low tonight: negative 10 degrees (in N. Maine)
Body as Voice, Voice as Body: Representation in Nancy Mairs' Carnal Acts

This essay will explore the way in which Mairs has turned to language as the primary tool of reclaiming her identity and battling objectification. The aim of this essay is to establish not only the importance of language in Mairs’ struggle against objectification but also the way in which the capacity for speech is directly linked to the capacity for representation. In addition to exploring the objectification that occurs through perceptions of both Mairs’ disabled body and her gendered body, it will be shown how both of these “bodies” are, according to Mairs, constructed in a manner that necessitates that a discussion of disability in Mairs’ work must also include some reference to gender. Mairs continuously insists that the primary problems faced by the disabled, and also by women, are objectification and silencing; to counter these difficulties, disabled persons, and disabled women in particular, must create themselves within a language that will allow them to render themselves as subjects rather than objects of discourse.