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Some things I just learned and/or forgot to say about tofu:

1. Tofu is very cooling to the body. This is one reason that you don't want to eat it raw. Tofu can be applied to the head through cheesecloth in order to make a plaster that will draw out the heat of a headache. If you want to make a tofu salad dressing you can blanch, steam, or gently boil the tofu before doing so in order to increase digestibility and reduce the cooling properties that will chill your digestive tract.
2. My macro cookbook by Aveline Kushi says that a "small amount" of tofu can be eaten every day in addition to or in replacement of beans. A “small amount” means very small I think.
3. Tofu is traditionally solidified with nigari. (Like cheese is curdled with rennet.) Nigari is the residue after sea salt is extracted from sea water. It is high in magnesium and iron in particular. Another natural solidifying agent is calcium sulfate, which comes from gypsum found in the mountains. You can also use lemon juice to solidify tofu if you make your own at home. Commercially sold tofu is now solidified with vinegar, aluminum (linked to Alzheimer’s), refined calcium sulfate, or other chemicals.
4. Tofu is high in protein and oil so its natural complement is salt (miso or tamari). Adding tofu to desserts (like pies or cakes) and using it with sweeteners is an American custom. If you really want to enjoy sweet tofu, it is better to add a small amount of mirin rather than rice syrup, maple syrup, etc.
5. Frozen tofu (which I have just discovered!) keeps longer and reportedly has a smoother and finer texture. (I find it pleasantly gritty.) “According to legend, frozen tofu was discovered when a Buddhist monk dropped a bucket of tofu in the snow after being startled by a fox. The next day he retrieved the frozen tofu and brought it back to the temple, where its unique qualities were enjoyed by all.” Before freezing fresh tofu, press all the water out first. Frozen tofu keeps for three months. To thaw, place the tofu in boiling water for ten minutes then gently press out the excess water. Or, place frozen tofu in cold water for ten minutes then rinse and squeeze.




Date: 2006-08-12, 11:13AM EDT

SUPERSTARS ONLY NEED APPLY. We offer…$15/hour and up, health insurance, 401K, free yoga classes, tuition and much more. Here is your chance to really make a difference, express your creativity and LEARN HOW TO RUN A SMALL BUSINESS! Monday thru Friday, days only. FT/ PT. This is the CHANCE OF A LIFETIME.

What you will do…
Assist owner of a busy catering and corporate training enterprise. Duties to include…accounts receivable, sales, recruiting, implementing YOUR ideas, thinking, training, catering and community service.

Who we are…Crocodile Catering is not just a restaurant, but also a place where people like you can live out their dreams. Crocodile provides a fun, funky place to hang out, interact, and explore your imagination while being appreciated for being the superstar that you are by our inspiring management team. We are a very successful, very unique, very established company committed to creating more productive and joyous work experiences. For more, visit croccater.com

What we require…energy, perky-ness, EXCELLENT physical condition, EXCELLENT references, enthusiasm, professional appearance(feel free to include a head shot), excellent writing skills(feel free to include a writing sample), intelligence, sense of humor, fantastic people skills (we like our people Croc-y, not cranky), ability to lift 50 pounds. Persistence, iron will, optimism and drive. College preferred, MBA would be nice.

What we don’t require…pessimism, excuses, business as usual

We are located just west of King of Prussia, just off route 202.
WARNING…Philadelphia is TOO FAR AWAY! Traveling the Schuylkill everyday will make you (and us) miserable.

Compensation: $15/ hour

no -- Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

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Looking for HAIR STYLIST working on their portfolio

Reply to: job-191456262@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-08-08, 8:13AM EDT

filming a music video on Sunday August 13th at 5:30 am. There are five dancers and 1 model all female. They need their hair done nicely You get your work seen in an industry that calls for you constantly. This will be via major web sites tv promos both cable and satelite, plus the normal promotional methods.
This is an r&b music video.
basic info
Girls ethnicity
1 portugese
1 spanish
1 afro-american
2 white
I do need you so if you are interested and are hesitant to work for exposure alone, than still respond to this ad. Im not in the position to put out any further funds, yet if it is a two digit number then I wont be disrespected. Everyone involved is working for exposure. Its just coming down to the wire and our stylist bailed.

Compensation: ????

no -- Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

no -- Please, no phone calls about this job!

no -- Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

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