hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


have here an o

where I went walking
have here an o
some say its roaming
found thus this
this sign thus still



Precision Fabrication


Eel Pie

from Platina's On Right Pleasure and Good Health

Boil for a while an eel which has been skinned and cut up in pieces. Pass almond juice, with
verjuice and rose water, through a sieve into a bowl. It would likewise not be ill advised to
make it thicker by pounding in raisins with three or four figs. Then mix orach, torn by hand
with parsley and fried in a little oil, an ounce of raisins, also an ounce of pine nuts, a little
ginger, pepper, cinnamon, and saffron. Mix into the above-mentioned with your hands until
they make one mass. When they are mixed, put in a well-oiled pan with an undercrust, placing
pieces of eel in layers, as it were. When it has been semicooked pour in a bit of verjuice, rose
water, and sugar into the upper crust, which has been perforated in several places. When it is
finally cooked, serve to your enemies, for it has nothing good in it.



"the plight of the falling dollar"

so flinging shoppers plug the blank newsworthy
funny people funny people out walking around
some republican gestapo in training regurgitates
that this is newsworthy say more say more someone
something says more about those who don't know who
those whose than those who haven't known all along
but of course we need money but but for what
but for whatever it's worth but nobody knows
change changing changes weird picture wealthy
finding seen some soldiering okay being that they being
so soapy always fuck everyone after which everyone
fuck nobody rebels then out on the sidewalks crowds
not shopping get pepper spray into everyones eyes but
so what whenever not famous not whatever news
stock market quotes forever scrawling contain
intrinsic value and therefore a certain suspense


I am in the prrrocess anyway of rrrejecting terrrminology in
favorrr of nothing -

I've long been rrrather fond of nothing and have since taken to
rrrolling my rrrs

If for some reason you wish

if you have wishes or

if for some reason you wish to change the status of a massage
from having been fred to not having been fred, neither shoes
option nor impress heels of hand against eye sockets and breast so
seeming some fred ben, a bean interlude, banter, barter, and can

an american political comentary

as that which is said to be dichotomous

one mustn't assume an even
division one

one mustn't even

an uneven division rather an
uncertain circumference

chowder sod underchair gimme gone boom
a concentration of people who camp they

who are here in the bushes



eeping sichjhgkn

sometimes I wait for the message today I have the sleeping


however when and
wherever I return to the site of the chowder

sod content soup sometime called silage
I might draw a map robert since

somethings extend to where I want riding


Caption to one of David Douglas Duncan's photos -

Korean War: Captain Ike Fenton, Baker Company Commanding Officer, receives reports of dwindling supplies during the battle to secure “no-name” ridge. David Douglas Duncan. Korea, 1950
different war, same basic screwing of those who are expected to do the dirty work - unfortunately, nothing much changes in the pursuit of imperial hegemony
The introductory notes by Camilo José Cela to City Lights Pocket Poet Series issue Number Twenty-Five – Pablo Picasso’s Hunk of Skin as translated by Paul Blackburn in 1968 – contain the following passage:

Picasso read me the poem, also at Cannes, June 13, 1960; with him were Jacqueline, his wife, and an American friend, the photographer David Douglas Duncan; with me were two other friends, also Americans: the poet Anthony Kerrigan, who has a very pretty wife and who published Chronicle of a voyage to Picasso in Papeles de Son Armadans, No 52, and another contributor, Bob Schiller, who sported a sparse little beard and let a number of atrocious and inconsiderate farts. Bob now has a bar in the Bronx if they haven’t killed him yet.

I did a google search on Schiller and (as expected) found a bunch of guys with the same name. Could he have also been an I Love Lucy writer? I have no idea.

Apparently this nice little book is worth some money, but I think I’ll keep it. I don’t remember where I picked it up for $.75.



From 1 loaf unsliced sandwich bread, cut lengthwise in slices 1/4" thick. Spread each slice with softened cheese spread or meat, or seafood salad mixture. For pretty centres, line up crosswise, near to the end of each slice, a row of pimiento-stuffed olives, asparagus or pimiento.

Starting at the short end, roll up jelly roll fashion. Wrap in clear plastic and chill. Before serving, place roll, seam side down on a cutting board. Using a sharp knife, carefully cut roll in 3/8" thick slices.

Feed to festive oilmen after firm instructions to wipe crude from gummy shoes.

-- from The International Women's Group of Ahwaz-Iran Cook Book

Chiche Casara, Dresser Atlas



1small pk. Velveta cheese
½ cup canned tomatoes, chopped
Lettuce, tomato, onion, etc.
2 cups chapatti bread, fried and coarsely crushed OR Bugles, Whistles or Chipos
Salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste

Melt cheese with chopped canned tomatoes and a few drops of Tobasco. Add to remaining ingredients and toss well. Serve immediately. Serves 4– 6 people, depending on the amount of lettuce or, one hungry oilman, hands on hips, in underwear and shoes.

--from The International Women's Group of Aljaz-Iran Cook Book

Margaret Northcutt, O.S.C.O.