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"Here is a great piece for about [sic] the use of language"

- interesting -

I like the idea of "proper currency," but

the analogy that
"a practical, everyday example: When I order a cup of tea for $3.33 (plus $0.24 in tax) at a local teahouse and hand the cashier 40 yen , she will most likely question the exchange. I’m not using the proper currency for the exchange even though I might have the appropriate denomination.

So, as a writer exchanging ideas, I need to be mindful of using the proper currency."

is fundamentally false

you can't equate eating an apple to eating a dog just because they each have DNA

and in any case, that waitress probably won't give me that tea simply because I follow the "rules" of language

though language taps an electricity not usually anticipated

it misbehaves despite the rider's best imperfections

in any case, money doesn't take into account all the "meanings" of "currency"

that having to do with a flow

we might "use" words to "make" money

but would that make us deep fried i.e.



check out Ludwig Wittgenstein

(even at random)

"245. Wie kann ich denn mit der Sprach noch zwischen die Schmerzäußerung und den Schmerz treten wollen?"

"254. For how can I go so far as to try to use language to get between pain and its expression?"


  • At 1:18 PM, Anonymous David said…

    This train of thought always reminds me of the physicists who go mad wondering why they don't fall through the floor, thinking of the amount of "empty" space in matter, between all the atoms.


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