hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon



lounge to
gather as strange

thin stranger thin
g non

non waver
dwelling in mid

afternoon ledger
rivulet and a

seating behavior

come uncontrollable
leaden lucon

to moss green
dyad bacchanal

always fall water

fall achromatic

midsummer glen

solar glossolalia and
granite withe gewær


my cat caught a flying squirrel and left it in front of the door I almost stepped
on it in the dark before dawn

I never see these things about half the size of a grey squirrel
I poked it with a stick to get a look at its flaps between the front and rear legs

its flat tail a real streamlining rodent it must have come down for one last snack
tomorrow I intend to be myself for a change
no one will know me

a friend of mine Ann grew a large yellow
tomato about the size of the head

on an infant with orange stripes in an instant the leaves
were stripped from the trees by a wind hardened strict

and another with two first names died last
week we had a memorial service on Sunday

he was only 44 and we all had to touch each
other a lot to maintain contact with what's

important Peter Allen we are missing you we
got together and laughed and cried

I suggest she carve it into a Jackie
Lantern sometimes life just slaps us
a woolen Norwegian might be heard to holler at the watergate something about pooling the plug
funny stuff up above and one fourteener found at the end of chapter Queequeg's bio
His story being ended with his pipe's last dying puff

now that it's cooling and the mice are moving in biting the pears and apples
tearing into the flour

I settled into bed and was about to read and saw in my peripheral right eyeball a
motion I thought a moth turned my head and saw a mouse reverse direction and

vanish it's like a cartoon around here and I am the giant the critters taking turns ants
yesterday and today it's the mice


In disability studies, there is a language identity label for the non-disabled:

TAB (Temporarily Able Bodied, ie not disabled yet)

but there is no word for the temporarily disabled (those on crutches or with short-term illness). The implication is heartening (gives power to those with disabilities, who become the majority when you consider the meaning of TAB) but also gloomy (disability haunts you forever, cannot be overcome).


Are soldiers in Iraq being compelled to send home form letters affirming how great the "rebuilding effort" is going?


Better yet, Blogger doesn't recognize the word "Blogger."
And Blogger (when I ran spell check) thinks that dyke should always be capitalized. As in Dyke! Or, DYKE!
In the writing of my memoir, I learned that WORD doesn't recognize the following:


Acceptable synonyms include:

bastard: asshole - bitch - cunt




Readability scores

When Word finishes checking spelling and grammar, it can display information about the reading level of the document, including the following readability scores. Each readability score bases its rating on the average number of syllables per word and words per sentence.

Flesch Reading Ease score

Rates text on a 100-point scale; the higher the score, the easier it is to understand the document. For most standard documents, aim for a score of approximately 60 to 70.

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level score

Rates text on a U.S. grade-school level. For example, a score of 8.0 means that an eighth grader can understand the document. For most standard documents, aim for a score of approximately 7.0 to 8.0.

According to this, "I might call this the trouble with Yeats" has a Flesch Reading Ease of 90.9 and a Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level of 2.3, so it should be easy for a third grader to read and understand.

This is quite true; I've nothing to add.


The Restaurants of Vail
Bistro Chairs
Symphonie Espagnole
Written a Book?
Luxury Hotel Located in Midtown
Paint "en plein air"
(Discover the rewards and
challenges of painting
like the Impressionists)
Sleep Enlightenment
Sleep Disorders Remedy
Brunswick at Bowling
Your Bowling Superstore
Know God Eureka
Tents Cardigan
Sweaters Apollo's

In terms of audience, I have lately been blog posting and looking up at the BAs to see what's new. It's intruguing to me when all this sweater stuff and ant killer potions appear. A few days ago it was clothing from Montana, though whenever I went there the clothing didn't much differ from anyplace else I'd been lately.

Reading Piombino's interview.

Fantastic! Please, this means you - go to Sidereality immediately and read it. You won't be disappointed.

I might call this the trouble with Yeats,

now then that I’m cowboy, up
along the river Marias,
up along north central
on patrol bounding my diminutive

ranch, riding herd on the ant
stock, flushing
strays from crevasse and holler, my
burnt hat sienna, saddled

and ridden herd sleek
on my hot dog, butt

I abide

concordant and creek,

purchase fatigue at discount
when flaming, grapple

crest squeak saddle crony
mount creep,

the con tin
tin ambulant


urgent, an outlaw however flimsy the clause, any
way pleasant within

certain inconsistencies,
common unknown torpid and flat,

get along doggie
bosk slat master terrene,

skew collateral blind
detour over thumb river and
into the brume,

maze of wayward
meander, intersect and

amid timber and under a snow
fall without breeze and woven
of silence


oak, spruce useless to name
where boreal and luminous, and written
in brune, an old man in an ice husk scrapes
out a waltz on an old violin.






bridle tack saddle quirt
hop on velocity
and the angle of incidence



an arsenal of vowels

looking for a man called
Smith and no
as a
y mayb

is dis-
cussion always a precursor
to being dissed?
sometimes I just get dissed.


George dog sweaters, and other such referents to administrative leaks


take that you old crooks
as you can see, I've taken up knitting
am currently making an ant fur swatter

I mean sweater, or is it a scarf, something
perls the word, spinning ant fur takes patience

or is is patients, penitent, impertinent
it's going to be a warm one, a cardigan skin

an uncertain selvage between states, a babbled
acceptance of some insectivorous cayenne

garb and then reminds me of the long neglect eyelid, that
it might also be warm, a funny little silk pad

woven that my eyeballs shall thus remain
unfrozen, worm spindle whatnot and guise

here ever after organic
I keep that old wool knit hat on

it won't come off anyway

Watergate scandals notwithstanding
whatever it all has to do with crochet needles

I've no idea
sometimes I just get dis



or um

is it disconsolate?

I get something even
when I don't get it.
iron contra
how to knit

now I am taking some classes and that's why I can't blog so often


and it's downright weird how WB Yeats is elevated into a kind of demi-god
in academia

his style being so stuck in a previous century

I suppose it has something to do with the ease of manipulating his symbols to suit
any situation

but I find such readymade references to Yeats claustrophobic

Yeats always strikes me as an ornate speed bump when
considering the development of 20th century poetry
that moonshine must be gone by now
Emerson belabored the essay, and so too his poems, but (just spilled a dollop of hot coffee on my leg) like (where is that?) Jean (ok), his journals offer a fascinating glimpse at a man working in pursuit of a more appropriate means of poetic utterance than that which he was receiving.

I've always resisted RWE until lately; today, however, I trust his intent, and there's evidence of his unrelenting effort everywhere in his writings.

But he was mule-headed too, and this seemed to get in his way. He missed his own poetry, that is, he didn't notice his poetry (which pops up all over in his journals), stuck as he was with this preconceived idea of what poetry was supposed to be, and so he kept writing Coleridgean symbol laden poems which depended heavily on the old iam and then too the pentameter (like his own tar baby), all the while chasing social transformation in his essays.

And I trust his unflagging faith that the poetic principle was key to the entire shebang, a breakthrough of sorts which he persisted in pressing toward, and in this effort of his, he made so much possible.

So he was pushing against this HUGE barrier (like nobody before), which weakened through his effort, even when he actually failed in busting through (and I hope all who try to write poems struggle against great and nearly unbreakable barriers).

And then there are his translations from Joseph von Hammer's German translations of Hafiz, and he's like, at points, making the crossover, the great escape from the clutches of received British models:

Come let us strew roses	 [[Hafiz]]

And pour wine in the cup
Break up the roof of heaven
And throw it into new forms

So soon the army of cares
Shed the blood of the true
So will I with the cupbearer
Shatter the building of woe

We will rosewater
In winecups pour
And sugar in the [vase in]censer
Full of muskmell throw

Thy harping is lovely
O play sweet airs
That we may sing songs
And shake our heads

Bring eastward the dust of the body
To that great lord
That we may also cast our eyes
On his beauty

(Journal IX 398-9)

that poems work in conjunction with one another
made by the many scattered folc

ever pressing that barrier by which we are otherwise constrained

even now I can hear it scraping along by the power
of disparate and cumulative poems

an organism of vitality here in all the blogs
any minute now

or more like 46?

"Local authorities planned to destroy the seized moonshine at 9 a.m. today"


a pause for a moment to consider
the popularity of chainsaws
the throat, the body, the
Cellular Intellegence Agency
fighting, it seems, some
kind of virus, so that
might describe one self
or an other as
feeling run down, but
all that was last week, or
was it the week before.


knock knock dot gov

government prosecuters are expected to peel

emotion count

there is some kind of heightening
some kind of increase

transfered or reassigned
remain in place

bank bank appropriate strengthen sell

thirteen hundren people

customer service workers in Seattle

here we have the lives of women and men
need no prevent your participation

pastry pasty

gravel gavel gunk
have a packer
bean back tamale

hundreds of billions of dollars in debt


who is we
when somebody says these shoes

helping the wealthy

whelping the healthy

hat for the masses

poor for less than a year

estate tacks


a colony
a colon

a colony of theives
ol over bodies a
aise, and hiera

, at the junctur
erous splendor;

l target of a po
rates the enemie

the menace of de


"There is a scandal brewing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that if treated properly by the Department of Justice and elected officials could prove to be one of the clearest cases of documentable criminal conduct and blatant lies by an administration since Watergate and the Iran-Contra scandal."

from Amy Goodman & Jeremy Scahill
I know, I know
you're saying hurry up kirbach
take out your dog
and so she agrees
Just in!!!

This confidence inspiring message
(for those of you who seek investment advice)

one amongst many!!!


John Nwale
Assiatance for investment

lion worms
wear hurricane specs

I'm changing my p

dressed as I am now in a rather exotic getup

taking the dog up and down the street
it's cold around here, nearly had a frost yesterday
now I am sitting here writing on the machine
and we are pulling out the wool
I am wearing two hats
one of these is cotton
a friend of mine once called it an old man's hat
it's soft and floppy with a brim all around
it's blue on the outside and green on the inside
the top is ripped open and the green layer shows through the rip
the fabric around the eyelets is ripping
I threw it on this morning when I got up at four because it's cold in the house
and then I pulled out another loose knit wool/cotton blend hat on top of the
old man's hat - it's yellow red and sky blue - homemade
I've had it for about 11 years
now I am sitting here wearing warm
what is that stuff called? fleece? slippers
it isn't really fleece per se, but that's what the manufacturers call it
these PJ pants two shirts one bathrobe and a wool coat

speaking of names

I guess I should name my fig tree which is a siamese twin of sorts
two trunks from the same root system

and my three blueberries

and my four little grape vines

but now my dog is staring at me and shivering

she wants to go out
and maybe she's cold too

it's really cold around here