hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


This blloog is is need of technekal servus.



Steeve Weaver Man, I miss you.
I have big plans for us Buck-o. They involve cats. (iwillemailyouwhenhotmailworksOK.)

Love, M


What are all these new and fancy blogger features? What, may I ask, is the advantage of changing the time of your post? Should I post into the future? Will it work?


My graduate director recomended that I keep my cat at a boarding (whore?) house called "Pussy Port of Call." I just googled it, and all I found was this:


Evidently, they also take ducks.
Find out your true SQUIRREL NAME:

Dear Steve, you have been working on your syllabus for a month(s) now. I have not begun and am indeed still reading my course books. There is one that I hate because I hate upper-class bs and this book is full of it.

I am not feeling so creative, but I do have some ideas for my memwar book, so I plan to go write. This means I have to turn on my laptop, which seems to be a big commitment.

I also have to maintain my important Wilmington job of testing mattresses. There are three twin-sized options. I have ruled out my sister's princess daybed (which she offered as she is going off to school) since the mattress made my spine ache. There are two other options, pushed together to form a king-sized bed. Both of those twins are somehow different, so I plan to flail and roll throughout the night in order to make my final choice.

More later.

Love Monica