hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


utile tic

because when Fred asks them, well, what do you suppose is
causing your elbow problem? they don't have


this jerking procedure— (akin to yerk and
per hum rebuff— a quick
and sudden thrust arrested—
push, pull, or
twist to to yerk as
as as to jerk one with

with the elbow to

to yerk an
and to yerk

yerk an elbow anyway

where it would help to keep your elbow tucked
in yerking the tip up it doesn't
it doesn’t equate to line speed and don't

it don’t stop

stop yerking that
that that’s

my eyelid

this here tennis elbow will never ask the wife with
with the idea that wife
that the wife
is yerking
a utilities and entertainment program

if you don't stop jerking your
jerking your elbow will never get

has Japan finally realized that
that the Americans are jerking

from girlfriend to wife in ten easy steps
with the idea that wife

that the wife
is merely a utilities
and entertainment

but now that the utilities
have been deregulated and the

of all I couldn't stick my elbow out the
critical utility such as

the image on the screen randomly
yerking and


this simple experiment— whack

whack your elbow sharply and
I'd barely managed to stop yerking

small caliber rounds kicked dirt
near Lorca's elbow
and that limp yerking comrade

hooks and lines, a small net all
has Japan finally grasped

all those utilities for the
that those American yerks
and he rolled over onto his elbow and startled

he went another
another he
he went over in his mind the utilities he had to
he leaned on his elbow and yerked
at her and recalled

immediately and without a
without a doubt

a succulent fleet
notion of her
her yerking him

her yerking

knack knocker whack

whacking whack

yerking that

tic thwacker


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