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Still no noticable effects around here from the hurricane, though today has been a bit different than others, so I guess I am going to contradict myself.

It's been clear and dry all day, cool and even brisk this morning, and when I took the dog over to the graveyard at about 7 this morning, there was no dew. Usually my feet get wet, and I have to take off my shoes when I get back home, but not today.

So I did some laundry and hung it outside, and it's drying quickly.

The breeze is picking up, but doesn't yet smell of the coast, which it does sometimes when a hurricane pushes weather this far. Asheville remains anyway a good distance from the coast, at some points about 350 miles, I think, maybe more.

But anyway, I just took the dog over to the graveyard again, and it is getting breezy, and it appears hazy to the east. Cirrus clouds seem to be moving in overhead, and although they appear almost everywhere, the sun beams down without interruption.

It's likely that this is the extent of any hurricane around here.

Just had a nice gust whipping the windchimes and coming in the window.

Really, I couldn't ask for a better afternoon.


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