hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


me and the dog and the frogs
in the daylight and under the moon

cool and misty the sky clear
moon waning bit by bit
I could hold up my left hand and cup it
while the other side melts

we went over to the graveyard
where the dog walked on two legs

she was in feed mode and the
fruit she wanted is not so abundant
as it was a couple of weeks ago

on the korna cousa so she actually stood
on two legs and wobbled around
she actually walked around this korna cousa bush

on two legs
eating fruit

the frogs are fading some though
some persist

I heard the church bells chime seven following
that little standard arpeggio 8 note melody

church bells digitalized
the human element removed

though I can still hear some frogs
more faintly

under the indoor electrical hum


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