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The introductory notes by Camilo José Cela to City Lights Pocket Poet Series issue Number Twenty-Five – Pablo Picasso’s Hunk of Skin as translated by Paul Blackburn in 1968 – contain the following passage:

Picasso read me the poem, also at Cannes, June 13, 1960; with him were Jacqueline, his wife, and an American friend, the photographer David Douglas Duncan; with me were two other friends, also Americans: the poet Anthony Kerrigan, who has a very pretty wife and who published Chronicle of a voyage to Picasso in Papeles de Son Armadans, No 52, and another contributor, Bob Schiller, who sported a sparse little beard and let a number of atrocious and inconsiderate farts. Bob now has a bar in the Bronx if they haven’t killed him yet.

I did a google search on Schiller and (as expected) found a bunch of guys with the same name. Could he have also been an I Love Lucy writer? I have no idea.

Apparently this nice little book is worth some money, but I think I’ll keep it. I don’t remember where I picked it up for $.75.


  • At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Rebeca Schiller said…

    I was doing a search on Camilo Jose Cela, Picasso and Robert Schiller and came across your blog about the book. Robert Schiller was my father. No, he didn't write for I love Lucy (in fact he thought Lucille Ball was not particularly funny nor talented).

    The book you mention, I used to have until my idiot mother lent it to a family member (she liked giving things away or lending them) to show off the chapter titled, "Don Bob" Of course the book was signed by Cela, who was a close family friend.

    Albeit to say it would have been nice to have the signed book to go along with the illustration and accompanying photo.

    If your're curious of who the hell Robert Schiller was, I can tell you that he was a wealthy American ex-pat, who settled in Mallorca, married a Spaniard, had one child (me). When he returned to US, he worked for awhile at the South Street Museum. He developed lung cancer at 48 and died six years later in Westchester County. End of story.


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