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theoretically, a hairstyling salon


This just in (from my little sister Nicole, a college freshmen in Greensboro, NC):

Yeah I don't like budlight. I just saw the movie "closer" and it was good....made you think!!! Then Meka and I went to Ruby Tuesday's and our waitor was HOTT. I mean, HOTT HOTT HOTT HOTT HOTT! I gave him my e-mail address. He was A FLIRT. I didn't give him my # because I mean, I don't want to give some creep my number. With an e-maila ddresss I can control how we talk. I need control y'know? Gah! His name was KEVIN! HE WAS SO HOTT! AND HE FLIRTED LIKE MAD! I would take a sip, and then it was an instant, "do you kneed that refilled???" lol

can't wait to see you either

Did you end up going to your Fondoe thing? Mom just called and told me you were iced in...????



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