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Monica here yesterday in brief sojourn from Orono - er - Bangor - we went to lunch and then our bellies full needed to walk the streets of Asheville - we toured our own town - Monica took pictures of buildings and businesses - S&W Cafeteria (across from Pritchard Park, Malaprops, the giant iron and the guy with guitar sort of singing something by Bub Dilland - what was that ? something abut a watch tower perhaps / then she needed batteries for the camera and went to Black Mountain College Mausoleum - "it was like being in somebody's house" - saw an exhibit - Leo Krikorian / Implied Space - sharp edged geometrical stuff and contrasting colors - he was a student once of that place BMC and Monica got directions to Lake Eden - where some local (according to Tom Clark's bio) punched Charles Olson on the dam - that was in the chin maybe? - Olson claiming he wasn't allowed to fish while selling all the timber so that he could afford to keep writing - and then what'd we do? - oh -had a beer at Barley's - where we opened the shades to look out on the sidewalk and a fine afternoon - but the sun angled in and blinded the waitresses - one of whom closed them again after which another employeee came over and opened them - it was a blind struggle and Monica and I were the witnesses - we also saw a car get towed - but that was first - some tourist in for a rude shock - Welcome to Asheville! - watch where you park - and it was an out-of-state car - and some people drove by in a Humvee so we talked about them in terms of embarassment - as if that were us - we needing to hide - duck and drive - black window tint - sunglasses - the works - no it's not true Monica - but in this fantasy we're wealthy - our Humvee fully armored -shiny and quick - deflecting all DU warheads, RPGs, IEDs, ETCs as well as our critics - NOT wanting something so giAnt - and to be seen in it - 100 percent bulletproof glass - and we weren't - walking - Asheville having fake brick crosswalks now worn - these crosswalks reverting to asphalt - which is all they are - embossed and painted to appear as if brick - the paint constantly walked on and run over by Humvee sight seer suckers - who come with money - spreading cynical terror like true amoral mirror aery cans and - now thoroughly worn - did I forget anything - surely the handwashing instructions - lather rub and rinse w/ hot water - just a reminder to take all precautions after fingering ones own genitalia as implied


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