hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


My dad would never teach me how to use cruise control, so I can't even cruise along.


To say I (will) work above a shoe store doesn't really capture the full effect of the glamour. I will work above a place selling BCBG pumps effective May 5th.


Steve! We MUST do lunch in the graveyard before May 5th so that I can sneak a longer lunch than usual. I won't be as flexible when I'm a downtown employee (staffing the office solo) but I will be even cuter, and I can walk to work in my little sneakers then change into little heels to walk around town (looking cute) on my lunch break.


Stevia, I just informed my boss (who claims he likes gender balance, maybe to balance out his hatred of pink) that it will take 1.5 girls to replace me! PINK PINK PINK


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