hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


I might call this the trouble with Yeats,

now then that I’m cowboy, up
along the river Marias,
up along north central
on patrol bounding my diminutive

ranch, riding herd on the ant
stock, flushing
strays from crevasse and holler, my
burnt hat sienna, saddled

and ridden herd sleek
on my hot dog, butt

I abide

concordant and creek,

purchase fatigue at discount
when flaming, grapple

crest squeak saddle crony
mount creep,

the con tin
tin ambulant


urgent, an outlaw however flimsy the clause, any
way pleasant within

certain inconsistencies,
common unknown torpid and flat,

get along doggie
bosk slat master terrene,

skew collateral blind
detour over thumb river and
into the brume,

maze of wayward
meander, intersect and

amid timber and under a snow
fall without breeze and woven
of silence


oak, spruce useless to name
where boreal and luminous, and written
in brune, an old man in an ice husk scrapes
out a waltz on an old violin.


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