hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


it's cold around here, nearly had a frost yesterday
now I am sitting here writing on the machine
and we are pulling out the wool
I am wearing two hats
one of these is cotton
a friend of mine once called it an old man's hat
it's soft and floppy with a brim all around
it's blue on the outside and green on the inside
the top is ripped open and the green layer shows through the rip
the fabric around the eyelets is ripping
I threw it on this morning when I got up at four because it's cold in the house
and then I pulled out another loose knit wool/cotton blend hat on top of the
old man's hat - it's yellow red and sky blue - homemade
I've had it for about 11 years
now I am sitting here wearing warm
what is that stuff called? fleece? slippers
it isn't really fleece per se, but that's what the manufacturers call it
these PJ pants two shirts one bathrobe and a wool coat

speaking of names

I guess I should name my fig tree which is a siamese twin of sorts
two trunks from the same root system

and my three blueberries

and my four little grape vines

but now my dog is staring at me and shivering

she wants to go out
and maybe she's cold too

it's really cold around here


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