hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


breaking comp monotony

WELcome FOReign WORKers!



Openings Galore!

Consider a Career in Americop!*

White people White people White people Welcome!

Americop!* A Workers’ Paradise!

1 – Poultry Processor! Always hiring! Everybody absolutely loves chicken!

2 – Sewing Machine Operator! Job security! Long hours bring in the big bucks!

3 – Farm Laborer! Free food and a mobile home of your own in a quiet rural setting!

4 – Prison Inmate! Free room and board and on the job training! A real résumé builder!

5 – Nanny Temp Worker! Free room and board with opportunities for added income as a sex worker!

6 – Laundry Worker! Long hours bring in the big bucks! Room for advancement!

7 – Roofer! Work outdoors on your suntan and develop a muscular physique! Become a sex cymbal!

8 – Recycling Materials Recovery! Indulge an unrestrained treasure hunting urge! Extra income!

9 – Street Prostitution! A job for one with a creative imagination! Choose your own hours!

10 – Armed Services! Always hiring! Take charge of your future! Educational opportunities!

These Jobs and More! Truck Drivers! Prison Guards! Security! Cops!

This is the Land of Opportunity, an Endless Smorgasbord!

*(Americop enforces all equal opportunity laws and regulations and encourages diversity in the workplace and larger community)


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