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your book

You and I are about to meet, so I am taking the liberty to write.

First of all, I want to congratulate you on your book.

That's a very nice book looking. That picture you call a drawing looks like a
photo on the computer, but I'll take your word for it that it is in fact a drawing.

The big question is: do you feel different?

If so, how does that feeling break down?

If not, what does it mean to have a first book without sensing inner change
(whatever that means)?

I like books by other people, but the desire for one of my own stems primarily
from a need to prove myself to others (in terms of seeking employment should
that arise to tip the scale in my favor). For myself it (book) seems otherwise

Still, if I were to have a first book with a fine picture, I imagine that I'd feel
changed at least a little.

What would that do, I wonder. Would my I change and, if so, would that
change be positive?

But these are only small questions.

I've never actually been able to figure out how people get books.

I have several reasons why I don't care for a book of my own, but I realize that
as a minority opinion. If this were a jury decision, I'd be the reviled one.

Not that anybody else lusts after my book. Who does lust after new books I
wonder as well, books by all those millions who make little written?

I hesitate to call all those written chunks anything specific.


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