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RE: thesis schedule

Why don't we wait a bit before talking so that I produce some more pages with
substance, like next week perhaps. I am moving right along though slowly
(that's a contradiction, I know) as I try to neatly set up all the dull preliminaries.
Otherwise, the route through this chapter is laid out cleanly in my mind while
allowing for detours. Anyway, I can drive out there to WCU occasionally. I just
don't want to do it constantly since I am earning almost zero money, about
$100 per week, if you can imagine that. I need to go to the library since this
book of Emerson's poems has no front matter, though I'll probably try UNCA
first. Some stuff just cannot be sorted out online. What a piece of junk this
book is!

I did apply for graduation this past summer. Then I went in there (meaning
some WCU office having something arcane to do with grad studies) to tell them
I wasn't going to make it until the end of the current Fall 2005 semester and
they said okay no big deal. I have no idea what's up with that. Manuvering
through bureaucratic red tape isn't one of my strengths.

How can I tell whether a dissertation is published or not? I'm supposing this
one is published since it's owned by a library at a college which differs from the
university to which it was originally submitted, but I don't know why anybody
would actually want to read this thing! It's incredibly dull material. It's more
like a very long report on relating a Spanish vacation to college reading
materials, ugh. Some of these PhD's are very weird. Chapter 1: Irving; Chapter
2: Poe; and on and on, a true survey of American Romanticism. Talk about
pounding away at the obvious! Of course, he does seem to beat Saudra Morris
to "The Sphinx" as gatekeeper poem idea. That's an item of some minor
interest. And at least he seems to have read the books he's so fond of

Don't worry! I won't write the above sarcastic nonsense in my chapter (or at
least I'll make it sound more diplomatic).


Stephen, we need to talk.

Even Ploce Stephen!

Stephen, Stephano & Sleeve Ends

(not a law office)


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