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theoretically, a hairstyling salon


Re: Re: (Fwd) Re: westville pub

yes - scansion jumps caesuras. It ends at
the line break.

I can't meet tonight. This will have to be
the week that got away.

Let's think ahead into next week. I have to
find that message from Ron. He
says Mon, Tues, Wed (later) Thurs eves are
best. What about next Thurs at
Barley's. Isn't later in the week best for
you also?

You know, I wrote that bit yesterday on line
breaks in haste so there are plenty
of holes. One could read from right to left
or entirely backwards, from top to
bottom or simply at random, but it happens as
one word following another.
Though that's not enitrely true either. Most
of us who read well read
unconsciously in phrasal chunks. Many poor
readers read ONLY one word at a
time, and some of those forget previous words
merely through the effort of
reading a new one. Line breaks can mess with
the phrasal chunk manner of
reading - it probably has some hocus pocus
terminology attached - I don't know
what that is

but I don't have time to go further into how
I think of line breaks now

my dog wants her morning walk and then it's
on with the day

I keep admiring my compost but need to mow
the lawn
I like that it's now growing with less
I might miss several days without fear of the
thick rising Whitmaniac mass


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