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theoretically, a hairstyling salon


Steveo, we are terrible bloggers, and the dash key on my lap(crap)top is broken and bleeding. OH well. I hope that someone is reading this. Is it Egg Nog Season in Asheville yet? They are advertising for Egg Nog here at the local supermarket, Shaw's. Today, I renewed my vow to walk everywhere, and to sit and meditate, and to not let my students run my life (I have one who is too much in need for me to deal with properly), and to be conscious of my apathy and needs. Bangor is burning bright today, but it is a nice 40something outside. When I woke up it was 28 degrees. This is still flip flop weather for Mainers. I hauled much dirty ragness past the gaybar to the laundromat this morning. Got good news that Alice Notley will be here soon, available for all, and I am trying to erase my wreck of a life from becoming any more (in)visible than it might be becoming.

Love, Monica (in Maineo)


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