hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


grim chowders chuckle

I went seeking ravines only ack
seeking ravine

I heard a rumor anyway

and now we know wild islands
not in the sense

I know what you're thinking
no no ack

I went bushwhacking after that elusive ravine
and christed it chowder

that's its calling
now any wild island

isn't every any's any
I got down there on the everywhere nedge

it might have been the beginning of that
dread riverine

you no the place
asheville medal finishers

buckets thereby corrosive
and saw there some chowders

then everything scrambled with my up
the slope

I went up to slopes
nobody said it would be squeeze please

that ravine
wasn't no keyboard shortcuts

on g=foot
fair proof of this

words worthy christed it delvetian
hell but it was just a stupid ravine


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