hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


Bucko, this blog is not currently very poetical. Do you think Eileen still stops by?

If so, I have written some Bangor (Bangah) hay(na)kus. Here's one, that describes what I used to do when I wasn't lazy. I have probably gained back the ten pounds I lost when I got here and panicked and took very long walks and ate nothing. I was staying elsewhere (not my own place, since I did not yet have my own place) and felt weird eating some strange girl's food.

Morning Routine

the wrap
of the river

Tonight is laundry night and rid (I typed ride) the new apartment of fleas. Olea!

There aren't many, but any sign of scratching from my little pusser-butt makes my heart weep. She is on vetrinary fancy-pants medicine but still scratching, which I can't stand to watch.


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