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theoretically, a hairstyling salon


I would like to recap by saying that I am interested in reading carefully what Butler’s text ("What is Critique: An Essay on Foucault's Virtue") is "doing," especially in relationship to Foucault’s essay. Butler firmly links herself to Foucault’s essay, and I will (necessarily) be linking myself to Butler in my reading of her essay. As much as her text is not explicitly a theory of reading, it is an example of how Butler reads Foucault.

By looking at how Butler reads Foucault’s theories, and what she says about the relationship of the self/subject to an object of study, I hope to understand both what Butler is “doing” in this essay and also what I am “doing” in my reading of Butler. Ultimately, I hope to frame my understanding of what I am doing around an understanding of how Butler herself, based on the theories outlined in her essay and the structure of the essay itself, might evaluate (or appreciate or scorn) the way in which I am reading her work.


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