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Everyone should know that your local K-mart is hosting an extra-special shoe clearance. I am wearing my brand new $1.50 red Mary Jane sneaker-like clogs.

Now I know that sounds like a hideous amalgamation, but these shoes are actually everything that you could want: sporty, girly, trendy, red. They also come in brown-on-brown (rather than red with silver trim as I'm wearing) but alas, no size eights were available at the Tunnel Road location. (I'm driving across town on my lunch break to see what I can find elsewhere.)

Don't be fooled! K-mart is also hosting a buy one get one half off sale. This is NOT what you want. You want one pair of shoes for really-cheap. Look for the "50%" row of shoes, and if you find anything fabulous in an 8, please mail or hand-deliver.

Get thee to K-mart! (Martha Stewart picture frames are also on sale.)

Love Madonnica


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