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The Cat and Rabbit Log: Housesitting, The Sequel

Saturday 3/6:

cats inform me that there is PIZZA! in the fridge. casually, mention their love of sundried tomatoes. hazel [the rabbit] prefers haycakes.

Sunday 3/7:

watch bridget jones' diary and eat pizza. glad there are no cats (as indicators of loser-hood) in the film, as I already appear to be moving down the path of cheese-related obesity, and am single.

Monday 3/8:

hazel and i read almost an entire memoir called "goat." hazel says, "goat?" why not "rabbit?" this ends in a discussion of chaucerian animal imagery, then and now.

Tuesday 3/9:

finish "goat," much to hazel's protests. linus [marmalade-colored boy cat] suggests that we read something with pictures. lucy [feminist black-and-white girl] suggests that we switch to karen finley's memoir/collected writings, "a different kind of intimacy."

Wednesday 3/10:

continue reading karen finley. discuss art and obscenity with various animals.

Thursday 3/11:

lucy has finished karen finley without me. suggests that we switch to mary oliver, more likelihood of birds or squirrels.

Friday 3/12:

i catch lucy knocking over the trash and ask if she is searching for performance props in early karen finley style.

Saturday 3/12 [my projection of tomorrow]:

linus claims that he could get utis [urinary tract infections] as easily as lucy, even as a guy, and he tries to weasel in on lucy's foodbowl, claiming that karen finley would find separate food discriminatory.


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