hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon



Either LOCATE or LACTATE would be in the imperative voice, so yes, I imagine that we (you) are being ordered, but in what direction, we cannot know?

I'm really glad that you read the word LACTATE rather than LOCATE, and that, furthermore, you CONTINUE to read the word LACTATE despite the credentials of your experience.

Last week, on two separate occasions, two of my friends saw a flier on my fridge advertising "An Evening of Butoh Dance" and both of them said (excited!): "An evening of Butch Dance?" Wrong answer.

I think that the butoh (a naked woman painted white crawling out of a pile of mulch with red string between her legs) was way better than anything a group of bull-dykes could have come up with.

(I had this written better but my internet cut me off. I'm feeling a little drab about this response. Pout.)



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