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To: Carol Cartwright

It's come to my attention that the administration at Kent State University is considering an indefinite ban or the expulsion of David Airhart from the university due to his recent action in resistance to on-campus military recruiting.

Keeping in mind that wars always lead to the polarization of opinion, I write in order to request that the university consider modifying such a harsh action. I write to ask you to please allow David Airhart to continue his education at Kent State University.

It seems to me that this incident presents the university with an opportunity for dialogue and debate about a crucial issue; it seems to me that choosing to simply expel Mr Airhart eschews the timeliness of the opportunity while it additionally allows the university to avoid responsibility for helping to perpetuate our corporate militarist economic structure.

We need to invent alternatives to this corporate militaristic model, and we need to invent these alternatives as soon as possible.

Perhaps you ought to allow the recruiters and Mr Airhart to discuss the issue of campus recruiting in a public forum.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration of this issue,

Stephen Kirbach


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