hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


(John Yau Exercise: 30 couplets, don’t interconnect them)

Standing smashed in an elephant
ring surface I attempt a trick

He likes me to drink
the mug of his nephew

Voicemail flashes red
like a dirty corvette

I would really like a pink
pony in a small furry saddle

I allow myself four
minutes for fourteen more couplets

My friend Mary in NY
is stunning. She should fall in

I’d rather leave spaces
than supply useless words

For lunch whatever leftovers
available as I housesit

How conscious should I be
of not connecting?

Space shred spring
and a shoe theory of time

Datacharts with yellow hi
lighter graze my desk

Workbooks in third grad
were trying to take me to dinner

Stolen handcream courtesy
of the Marriott corporation

Thirty couplets is five dozen
lines, ten half-twelves

Oh serio de virgin yak with
a knack for making Latin

Stevio I encourage you
to take the same as me

A blue light in aisle eight
warns me no-more doughnuts

What to do with several pads
of rainbow inspirational paper

I’m still in love with
the image I’ve created

Fakin-bacon, they even
make it vegan

My legs and palm spread
as I move down the sage

Can incense left burning
incarcerate a victim

The house stinks of ever-
seen marmalade hysteria

I offer to post this
shit on the blog

There is a taste for risk
beneath my scorn for sun

Also cheese There is the
questions of brie or havarti

Clowns still conjure
blue enticement

Three rings like Christ
I break off


Back at
the beginning


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