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The following comes from Emerson's poetry notebook EF as yet another version retranslated from Enweri, though this time he excludes credit in favor of citing Hafiz. It appears to be an attempt at writing an "original" in homage to Hafiz, though he didn't really follow through. It leaves anyway something to play with, and so I follow with a possible revision (just for fun) -

{112}[Hafiz, Diwan,] Vol I p 314

And had Hafiz
Ten tongues like the lily,
He would be silent
Like the rosebud,
While thro love his mouth is sealed.

-In- *Oer* the garden water goes the wind alone
By filing to polish the cheeks of the pond
The fire is /quenched/out/ on the -household- *house*
      hearth ­­­­­­*stone*
But it burns again in the tulips -leaf- *frond*
Yesterday the frosty way the icy wind
-I-Me from labor disinclined
Now desire -I-
I slunk to books & home
Now desire of action wakes
And the wish to roam. (Poetry Notebook EF 319)


Wind on the water teases
the cheeks of the pond, while
a tulip reflecting a cold flame
quivers. I who yesterday
withdrew to the hearth,
today respond to an inner
fever. Even with ten lily
tongues, I stand, while
assessing the sexual
urgency of a rosebud,
by words today barren.


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