hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


This writer would like to thank the current reader for sundry confusions;

With Ralph Waldo Emerson we travel circuitously; let us agree then not to panic. If Plato implies a republican and institutional trajectory which results in the modern nation as an engine of a malevolent corporate hegemony, and arguably he might, then Emerson possibly marks a devolution or undercurrent thrust from which issues an alternative governing impetus, the average human with his or her poems at a table with equally average others while sharing beer duties and the pleasures of discorporate company: mob protean rule driven by (un)conscious intent and working at the level of language. May we remain evermore pleased with our ambiguities, gender, and transitions, punctuation notwithstanding. Emerson's decision to include Plato as one of his "Representative Men" illustrates his debt to classical humanism; his decision to fix poetry as a definitive characteristic of all that is best about being human illustrates his willingness to trust in that which is always unpredictable and unruly.


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