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Attention all Doctors!

Attention! Attention! Attention
all of you who are infatuated by your own petty titles!

As you can see I am a coward!

This is very confusing. Friday at 1 will run into my office hours, my planning, my eating, and possibly my teaching time.

Friday at 11 is best.

Thursday at 3 remains an inconvenient possibility, not to mention that it costs me money every time I drive to Okaynokee unnecessarily.

Please keep in mind that the $ for teaching slaves here is the lowest I've seen ANYWHERE, and I’ve looked around.

In other words, I am stapled for cash. People seem to think I simply say this because that's what everybody says (we hear it all the time), but in my case it's quite true.

I watch money exit and see little return (trickle in, might be the republican terminology).

It costs today about dollar x ass to drive back and forth to Okaynokee ONCE.

Dollar x dollar ass does not sound like much, but add it up over a month and then measure that against my monthly teaching slave wiener income.

That's a MONTHLY income.

Teaching slave wiener. Imagine that for a moment and divide by four.

It's a wonder we even manage to eat, let alone scribble a treatise.

But I like all you Doctors; you're very fine folk. I only ask you to consider please the fiscal teaching slave wiener when requesting an extra seven two one mile roundtrip drive for a meet.


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