hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


Cursieve equals a leaky expletive undelete in dogged delight.

People today fondly apply labels to tasks which in turn serve as personal identification. I know a plumber and an electrician, but I might easily claim to know in the same way one mother and another who repair toilet and toaster. As such, the question is commonly asked: what do you do? While this question is obviously intended to provoke conversation, one should not be surprised if it has the opposite effect, the premise being in fact rather intrusive. This intrusiveness is true even if the question is posed with respectful intent, and the questioner should not be surprised to encounter occasional resentment. Perhaps the one questioned is involved in a wide variety of activities (a high probability) and would prefer to avoid being pinned down to a singular characteristic, or perhaps he or she simply prefers to maintain certain privacies, the reasons remaining likewise confidential. In such cases, the question might create discomfort as opposed to familiarity, but does this mean that the one who chooses to withhold personal information should necessarily avoid venturing forth in public?

Such a conclusion is unfair and absurd.


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