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theoretically, a hairstyling salon


I am happy to say that I am ObSEssed with Mina Loy. She is so fantastic! I've been reading "Virgins Plus Curtains Minus Dots" over and over again, alongside the Carolyn Burke biography Becoming Modern. I have not blogged in awhile. There are all these easy to use features now. If only I had a dash key that I didn't have to copy and paste. And a six. (I typed sex.) Someday I will get a new computer.

For anyone near Orono, Bread and Puppet Theater will be here in late March! I am so excited as my post grad school dream is to live in a tent in rural VT. I plan to do it, and I think I will.

I also want to learn French. Steve (Evans) has recently suggested I do this in Montreal. Kevin (Davies) is arguing for New York. Perhaps neither will win. But one idea will triumph most likely.

I'm planning to hold a bakesale followed by a bikini carwash to supplement the acquisition of my third language. (Not that my second, Latin, is sooo solid.)

Does anyone know the translation for the word "borghese"? It might be Latin, Italian, or even French. Please advise.


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