hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


Some creepo just called (my office) asking for "Hal." I informed him that there was no "Hal" here and he then proceeded to ask if this was a residence. I said no. (And wanted to say Duh: How many residences answer the phone identifying their company name and then adding their own name?)

He then asked if this was a business. I said yes. He then wanted to know what business and I (losing patience: figures that my only phone call of the day, besides my mom, would be this weird guy) said the name of my business and then he said, "What do you guys do?"

And I said, "We're an agency that assist people with disabilities." And he said, (here's the punchline-kicker), "Oh, when you said agency, sweetheart, you got me all excited, I thought maybe you was a call girl or something." (Steve, you have heard me on the phone. I sound 12, but like a call girl? Please advise.)

At this point he waited through my dead air. I chose not to respond and then he said, "OK, Well, Bye." I guess he was waiting for me to change my mind and offer myself as an/his escort? Would that ever actually work? Especially when you sound like a creepy balding white man on the phone!


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