hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


My street seems sleeping. I was up with the racket of birds a couple of hours ago, lounged and then rose and went out with the dog.

One of my neighbors was out with her two little white fur ball dogs, one of which likes to raise hell whenever it sees mine, at which point mine complies. But those dogs didn't see mine and mine chose to forgo making an issue of their passing our house. Anyway, she had her hands full with Charlie who is now big enough to walk but wasn't, so she was carrying her (large) kid with one hand while leading these two dogs on a leash with the other.

I am now hearing thunder. It simply isn't getting very light this morning, but I thought it was fog and was considering hanging some laundry outside.

I don't believe this thunder. It simply sounded too long and lazy.


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