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theoretically, a hairstyling salon


Another corporate lawsuit claiming ownership of homonyms-

One might wonder if this could become retroactive.

Soon we might be taxed for using certain words, much like being charged for water. Since corporations already own our government, this doesn't seem too unlikely.

It does but it doesn't; I'm always surprised at how far we currently deviate from what were once democratic ideals. I know, I shouldn't allow myself to be so surprised, but I am anyway. In any case, some equations are simply falacious, such as:


In this regard, I'm thankful for all those who write poems, as well as for those who try to do so.
This means a lot of people, and what I appreciate most is the decentralization which occurs.

A proliferation of "poetry" blogs is not something to regret, but rather something to celebrate.
Poetry is not about the so-called "cult of personality," but rather the grassroots movement of non-corporate voicings in all variety.

Community begins where one individual connects with another, and poetry serves us here as subversive to all those corporate powers which seek to regulate words.

Curious, that whenever "Homeland Security" ups the color threat, they refer to "chatter."

Well, we might chatter away in a variety of colors, umber, for instance.

I'm big on umber today.


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