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theoretically, a hairstyling salon


Occasionally I make split pea soup, and I am doing so right now. It's cooking.
Once I got pluerisy from split pea soup, but it went away.

At first, I couldn't figure out what that thwacking sound was coming from my chest in conjunction from my breathing. But one evening in a yoga class during savasana everybody heard it. It was weird and disconcerting. One of the women in the yoga class was a doctor, and she said it sounded like pleurisy.

It took me months to figure out that I got it from eating split pea soup. An entire year passed before I knew this.

Actually, it was the lovage. I grew some lovage after once going to a potluck and eating some good split pea soup which contained lovage. So I went home and planted some lovage and then started putting some into my split pea soup too. It was cool looking out in the yard, and I like the taste, but it gave me pleurisy, so I quit eating it. The condition went away and has never returned.


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