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What's happening with my favorite girl Barbie these days? There is news of her divorce, which I went to the mattel site (and googled "barbie marriage" and searched in the NY Times and Washington Post online) to confirm. No luck. There has been scanty coverage of the Barbie break-up, but it's creating quite a buzz (at least for me as a long time Barbie fan). Read the following statement and then my reaction about how mattel is backing President Bush and the Right:

"Ken and Barbie® are splitting up after 43 years! Barbie® Millicent Roberts met Ken on the set of a Mattel television commercial in 1961. Apparently, challenging sales last year led to the couple's relationship ending.

So much for long engagements! There is talk that Barbie® is involved already with an Aussie boogie boarder named Blaine."

(source of above: http://marriage.about.com/b/a/064855.htm)

43 years with Ken to dump him for another (presumed) blonde? I have yet to see this Blaine, but the timing is suspicious. Her romance fell apart the day before Valentine's Day for one, and this type of bad luck never happens to a girl who, according to the Mattel website, has managed 80 successful careers in a mere 43 years!

When my sister called to give me the news, she said that Barbie was tired of waiting around for Ken to propose (a statement I cannot prove or disprove). Is our (my) favorite doll being manipulated to take a pro-marriage stand in a time when the parameters of marriage/commitment are a touchy issue?

Shouldn't we support Barbie staying with her partner Ken, regardless of their legal status, rather than bailing out for the sake of a wedding and marriage certificate?

Contact Mattel (they don't provide an email for the corporate headquarters, spend 37 cents and mail it or fax it to them courtesy of your workplace) at their corporate headquarters and tell them that you want Barbie to stick around with her first and only beau, not bail out and trade him in for a surfer ready to say "I do!"

Mattel, Inc.
333 Continental Boulevard
El Segundo, CA 90245-5012
310-252-2000 tel
(310) 252-2180 fax


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