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Now I want to post this most fun email from friend and POM2 coeditor, Ethan Fugate, about an incident he had in Asheville back several years ago-

Oh man.
Back when I lived on the corner of Woodfin and Market AND when I was
working the "unload" shift at Mountain Foods--back before the fire, I
experienced a weird traffic accident similiar, but not really, to your
pickle accident. I think I may have worked with you that morning and told
you about it, Steve.

Anyway, I leave the apt building at around 4 a.m. to go to my car. I'm
opening my car door when this brown heifer comes clopping down Market
Street and off into the empty lot that backed the Thomas Wolfe House (also
before the fire). The cow disappears into the darkness (it was/is a big
lot). So I'm standing there debating whether or not I'm still asleep and
just dreamed this happened or not when a black and white patrol car pulls
up. The cop shines a light in my face and asks if I've seen any cows on
the street. I point over to the lot and the dude points the car so the
headlights shine and there she stood, just chewing away at the grass.

Apparently, there was a semi that turned over on 240 on it's way to the
livestock market or something.


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