hatstuck snarl

theoretically, a hairstyling salon


Here is that most illicit poem, written on the floor of my office, exquisite-corpse style so that Steve and I didn't know what the other was writing, other than the sestina-supplied end words.


Green Goo Doodle Do

put me on a roof and call me mexico
such a grand desire of waste
then stumble up a sidewalk defiant and lame
and also bring the boring stealth of mud
the manufacturer’s brand, an aluminum honda sestina
makes my popcorn-machine seethe

this old honda spews smoke and then it might poppycock seethe
with my pink-colored shell from mexico
when squeezing into a crumpled sestina
you’re not a waste
instead the road coils into a simper of mud
but sometimes when writing you out in the hot afternoon, I require one of us must be lame

not a white-bread and marmalade lame
when I recall my neighbor’s inexplicable seethe
toward the left shoulder of mud
without some such destination in mind I find myself blistering with mexico
kind-hearted waste
of distance withers and dissembles around in my honda sestina

a dusty old road squatting all square in front of a cantina sestina
not only odd but moreover lame
uncertain come peeking through curtains and muttering waste
my shampoo-parrot-sleeve determines to seethe
motionless frozen a clown again halfway asunder so forsaken for mexico
that I’ll learn to like the flavor of last Friday’s mud

not that kind of mud
bolstered adobe and stacking with slabs of sestina
with one leg erected athwart mexico
worry the hip and wobble all waving and lame
I work to make everything full color-coated so that everything possible will seethe
somebody parched and another all willing to waste

an arrangement of liter jug luggage and utter stank waste
mark and/or mud
my head which does nothing but sputter and seethe
the most robust sestina
machinery roundabout statues so clever and lame
everything concrete is grounded and locked within mexico

what an undulate waste of water this sestina
harumphing amid mud paste and lame
amid which I slither and seethe seeking quetzal askew rosy windows fomenting my own fervid mexico

(Stephen Kirbach and Monica Fauble, May 2004)


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